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A phenomenon that had died out is back with a vengeance. I am talking about the unexpected phone calls barclays bank employees make to me offering me all manner of financial products, all unsolicited by me.

These include:
1. ‘ We would like to offer you an unsecured loan’.
2. ‘ We have checked out your credit card usage and would like to increase your credit limit by giving you a Barclays gold credit card’.
3. ‘You have not really utilized your credit card limit, we can give you the available balance as an unsecured loan’
4. ‘ I am calling to to find out if you have used our mortgage facilities and if not can you allow me to arrange one for you?

What I have found very trying is that there is no sign of method in this madness. I may get one call a day, three in a week or two in a fortnight. The caller may be from the various Barclays branches: clock tower, ABC Place, Hurlingham, wetlands etc. they sound young and desperate to make a sale, no matter how uncooperative I may sound.

The banks marketing department has clearly sent out teams of young cannon fodder to seek out clients and hit targets that are probaly unrealistic, especially if the client is thoroughly irritated by an uncoordinated sales attack.

My question for the bank would be:
1. Do you other to keep track of who is calling who. If I say no today, chances are I will still say no for a few weeks to come.
2. Do your cannon fodder tele sales staff have access to my account details and balance! I seriously hope not, but they seem to know quite a bit about me and my unease is growing.

How do I stop this madness????


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